Business Channel Between Europe & Latin America

Madrid Offers Greater Access To Latin American Markets

★ From Madrid you can access the whole of the European Single Market.

★ Spain and Latin America have had a common language, culture and international trade relations for centuries.

★ Madrid benefits from Spain’s close political ties with Latin America and is the perfect bridge for business done between Europe and that region.


★ Madrid-Barajas is the main European hub for flights to Latin America: 1 out of 5 flights, or 35%, of total air traffic with the region.

★ Spain is the 4th biggest foreign investor in Latin America, and the 2nd among European investors.

★ Spain has signed 20 agreements for the Protection and Promotion of Reciprocal Investments and 16 to Avoid Double Taxation in Central and South America.


★ 30% of Madrid´s foreign population comes from Latin America.