Aena launches its competition for the design and construction of hotels and offices at Barajas and El Prat airports

Aena, the operator of Spanish airports, has put into motion plans to develop property projects at Barajas and El Prat airports, where it wants to construct offices and hotels on the millions of square meters of empty land it owns. To do so, Aena has launched a competition to contract consultants and engineers who will design the master plan for the development of the unused lands adjacent to the Madrid and Barcelona airports. The consultants and engineers that will be awarded the contract after summer, will have to design a model for the development of the lands and an estimated timeframe for the execution of the master plan. Aena’s plan isn’t to sell the lands but to create income streams for itself via the construction of these hotels and offices. “Investing in construction is not a good use for Aena’s capital but they are seeking to create a source of income for these lands that currently have no use” a source close to the operation explained. In doing so, Aena is following in the footsteps of airports of other countries such as the Mexican operator OMA who has a hotel operated by Hilton among their assets. … via @eleconomistaes

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